Pros and Cons of Wood Closet Doors

wood closet doors imageSome people use closet doors that are made of wood simply because the material is easy to modify and replace, while others avoid using such materials because of the high price, maintenance factor and other reasons also. A round-up of the pros and cons of wood closet doors are listed below.


Among all door materials available, wood is probably the most interesting one. It brings a lot of advantages for homeowner in its appearance, versatility, and ability to emerge timeless beauty.

1. Appearance

In terms of appearance, wood always looks natural and it is almost the best material to use in making every piece of furniture. If your room is dominated by warm color such as light brown or white, wood closet doors will only enhance the beauty of the atmosphere. In fact, almost all colors can blend nicely with natural appearance of wood.

The most important part of the overall appearance is the wood grain. Even when the door is painted, finished, or even refinished, the wood grain will still be there. When you apply any color, the natural part of wood material does not vanish, but it improves the beauty of the color.

2. Versatility

Wood material is versatile which means you can create many different shapes from it easily. You can directly apply patterns or styles on the material. If you intend to use wood doors for closet, you are provided with a wide range of options in terms of shape, thickness, patterns, and more. As a matter of fact, wood is used in many different styles of closet doors such as bi-fold, folding, louvered, and sliding.

3. Easy Maintenance

Another major advantage of using wood doors is that they are easy to clean. Scratches and accumulation of dirt on the surface of the door can be easily wiped out by using a damp cloth.

With simple regular maintenance, the doors may appear as good as new every day. Some woods are outstandingly durable and they can withstand both high and low temperatures. Closets are normally placed inside the house, so durability aspect associated with climate fluctuation should not be a major issue.


Wood closet doors offer many advantages, but it also has some drawbacks as well. Some of the material’s worst attributes are price, color, and the possibility to warp. However, there is a proper method to easily handle almost all drawbacks.

Some of the most recommended wood types include teak wood, pine, and white oak. The strongest type is teak wood, but this type is usually very expensive. Furthermore, the natural color of wood tends to fade, so you will need to apply a sort of wood finishing to protect the surface.

Even worse, without regular maintenance, wood can warp. You can actually prevent this from happening by using only quality wood. Of course, you will need to pay a good amount of money for the best and most durable wood material.


Wood closet doors indeed bring a good deal of advantage, but the materials also have some negative aspects as well. Wood is a beautiful piece of material provided by the nature, so the best wood always comes with a high price. With simple regular maintenance and finishing, your wood doors can be a major element of the overall appearance of the room.